Why The Question is Important

Why The Question is Important

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In the past few weeks, DC has been releasing major reveals from the small and big screen ventures. The Flash introduced time travel and it’s potential to wreak havoc. Arrow has established yet another hero in Atom and fleshing out the Suicide Squad. Not too mention continuous details on the Suicide Squad movie as well as character first looks from Dawn of Justice. There are also numerous DC TV shows in development set to roll out next year.


Vic Sage as The Question


While this is all exciting, there is one character that has not been mentioned that I believe is crucial. That is the Question. The original Question was Vic Sage who after being beaten to the edge of his life, was taken to a Richard Dragon for healing and training. He learned philosophy and martial arts from Dragon and more or less returned to his city to fight the corruption as an investigative journalist. While other vigilantes went after the petty criminals, The Question went after the politicians and corrupt heads of the city.


Renee Montoya as The Question


What made The Question so great is that he was simple. He didn’t have a fortune to buy gadgets or superpowers to bust through walls. All he had was his natural innate skills. Eventually, since he is human after all, he develop lung cancer and sought to pass on his legacy. Enter Renee Montoya, who you might recognize as the Internal Affairs detective from Gotham. Question passes on his teachings and also helps Montoya reconcile her past. They travel to Nanda Parbat, you might recognize that from Arrow, where she trains and eventually buries Vic Sage. She then carries on the Question legacy.


Darkseid also known as Mr. Crazy Eyes


Hopefully you can start to see how Question could fit into DC TV universe. Before we get into that, we have to go over one more bit of the story. During Montoya’s training, Question is trying to prevent Intergang from invading Gotham. Intergang is a global crime organization supported by the New Gods of Apokolips. Whose leader is Darkseid, the DC equivalent of Marvel’s Thanos. To put it simply, Intergang is an organization who dabbles in science, magic, and everything in between whose core beliefs are based upon the Crime Bible. Where the Bible says thou shalt not kill, the Crime Bible says thou shalt kill.

I hate when I stab my books

I hate when I stab my books

Intergang is big and powerful enough to affect the entire DC universe, and the Question takes them on. So here you have a criminal organization so big that it can stretch between both DC’s TV and movie universe. You also have yourself a hero that can introduce our heroes to this threat. Whether or not they introduce Vic Sage first or go straight with Renee Montoya, I really don’t care. Starting with Montoya would definitely add a bit of diversity to DC. As long as you keep Question’s background largely the same, regardless who wears the mask, they can easily fit into the universe DC is building.

One last side note, I haven’t included the new retconned comics history of Question. However, it could still be included.

Fun Fact: Rorschach from Watchmen was based on the Question!

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