What We Learned From The Latest Age Of Ultron Trailer

What We Learned From The Latest Age Of Ultron Trailer

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Ah yeah, that’s right everybody. Last night we got a brand new trailer for Age of Ultron. Unfortunately, we didn’t get too much new information. Mostly it seems we saw some extra scenes of moments we are already aware of. Nonetheless, prepare for speculation and the raw force of a geek on caffeine! As always, POTENTIAL SPOILERS AHEAD!

The first thing we see is a group of people running towards some kind of carrier. Being shepherded by Hawkeye, something very bad is obviously happening. It’s very possible that the girl we see fall is Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch. To me, it seems that this group of people is the group of protesters we saw in the first trailer. If our heroes had just finished a battle that destroyed a city, this starts to make sense. They are fighting an enemy, possibly their first run-in with Ultron, and after seemingly defeating him he pops back up. Ultron does have a habit of not staying down.


The next little tidbit we get is Captain America looking pretty forlorn. The scene itself doesn’t look like it’s suffering damage so he could just be on the look out for an enemy. What this could also be is him truly taking in his first view of protesters. After all, Cap has never experienced that before. In his mind, military forces have always been supported by the people. He is from a time when America was fully united against a common enemy. This whole idea would lay the groundwork for Civil War. Cap is starting to realize that the Avengers have strayed from their original path.

Next Hawkeye is being sneaky in the woods. It looks as if he was waiting for that explosion to happen and he doesn’t look to happy about it. This is obviously taking place during the snowy conflict we saw from the first trailer. The part where Bruce Banner is stumbling around in the woods. How this all ties in I’m still not sure. What makes sense to me is that this is the first conflict of the film which is with Baron Von Strucker’s forces. At the very least, this snowy conflict is tied with that monastery structure we saw from the first trailer. That seems to tie together very nicely for me.


We are then treated to a shot of Tony Stark in some kind of abandoned, I want to say lab or something. He doesn’t look like he is in too much trouble but just more investigative in nature. Tony could very well be surveying the results of their conflict with Baron Von Strucker. We also get our first bit of dialogue that ties Ultron with Tony. Recent leaks confirm that Tony creates Ultron from an old Chitauri program. So it looks like Ultron will be using the connection to mess with Tony’s head as much as possible. Next up we see some more shots of the party scene where it seems Ultron makes his first villainous appearance.

Now this shot is interesting because the more we see of Age of Ultron the more it seems that Bruce and Natasha are in some kind of relationship. I’m starting to lean toward it being a more romantic relationship but it could still just be close friendship. After all, Natasha has seen the worst of Bruce and lived. That is going to require some processing and unpacking. It is obvious, that Natasha will be a calm point for Bruce. We once again see her sharing a moment with Hulk, possibly calming him down after their conflict in the woods or with Baron Von Strucker.


We’re treated to some explosions and a scene of the twins, Wanda and Pietro Maximoff, looking concerned. Maybe they finally realize that the Avengers aren’t that bad and that they have been helping a psychotic robot out to exterminate humanity. Or they are thinking of Ultron’s argument to join his side. Whatever it may be, this scene is definitely going to be a defining point in the film.

Nick Fury pops back in at this point going on about how no matter what happens, the world will always be in trouble. Kind of a hopeless perspective when you think about it. He could be leading Stark towards Civil War by following up with an idea for registration or tighter superhero regulations. Beyond that I’m not super comfortable expanding on it since I’m starting to build skyscrapers out of straw.18-copy

The first of two big scenes that truly give us some new information is shown next. It’s of an African woman in some dark cave with a pool. I say African because it is all but confirmed that Wakanda will be introduced in Age of Ultron. Wakanda is a highly advanced hidden African nation that has an abundance of vibranium, the stuff Cap’s shield is made out of. Ruled by Black Panther, it seems for sure that Ultron will seek out the nation to acquire some vibranium to build himself a new body. The woman in question has two possibilities for me, Black Panthers sister or one of his elite body guards. Shuri, Black Panther’s sister, is the heir to the throne who at one point picks up the Black Panther mantle. Panther’s body guards, the Dora Milaje, are some of the most skilled combatants in the world. Regardless who it is, what is more interesting is the setting this woman is in. This underground pool looks a lot like the one Thor was in from the first trailer. How this would tie in is anybodies guess. Mine is that after venturing to Asgard, Thor is made aware of Wakanda and goes to warn them about the threat. Speaking of which….


We also get a scene of Thor in a place that seems to be Asgard. It seems his power is on the fritz and is shooting lighting everywhere. We know from Idris Elba that during reshoots, he shot a scene involving Heimdall, Thor, and Loki. This is probably the scene he was talking about. Maybe Thor finally learns of Loki’s deception and in a conflict, Loki messes with his power. One potential long shot, is that he goes to Wakanda looking for help for whatever Loki did to him. Wakanda is known for embracing both science and magic. It’s possible Thor goes their to seek healing, which is what the pool is for.



In a completely different theory, this may not be Wakanda at all. What if Thor goes to seek answers about what he saw from Scarlet Witch, which sends him to another one of the Nine realms. Specifically, he travels to Vanaheim. Vanaheim is home to the Vanir, similar to Asgardians, the Vanir are also talented in the mystic arts. It’s possible that this pool is their Well of Wyrd that can help someone see the future. Thor see’s something troubling in the Well, possibly Ragnarok, goes to Asgard were he discovers Loki’s treachery. His powers are put on the fritz and well things happen. The more I think about this idea, the better it sounds and I’ll just say, my money is on this theory.

From the first trailer, we know that Thor is angry at Stark at one point. Angry enough to hoist him up by the throat. In this trailer, we see why. Thor is lecturing Stark on meddling with something he doesn’t comprehend. Not surprising considering that Stark created Ultron from a Chitauri program. It seems this scene will be right after Ultron’s villainous appearance where his true origin is revealed. This will obviously upset the team, throwing them into imbalance.

Next in a tricky bit of editing, it seems we see Scarlet Witch supposedly blasting Iron Man. However, later in the trailer we see Ultron firing a similar red laser to the one that hits Iron Man. Combine this with the similar scenery in both the scenes and we can see that these are connected. Nice little bit of misdirection but not quite good enough.


Now, the next bit is probably the most interesting. We see what appears to be a young Black Widow being forced onto an operating table and being cut open by a mysterious woman. All this is happening while she says that she has no place in the world. What is probably the most exciting thing for me, I take this as a confirmation that we will be seeing some flashbacks from Black Widow. Now bear with me for just one second. Historically, Black Widow got her start with Russia as a secret agent. Now in Agent Carter we are introduced to Leviathan which is the Russian version of Hydra essentially. What if Black widow started out as an agent of Leviathan? It would shed some light onto her red ledger past and reveal how she first ran into SHIELD. It also shows that their is more mystery in the world then we can even imagine. Now the real question is why she is being cut open. My bet, to make her some kind of super human. Maybe in a twist, it is revealed that Black Widow is actually an Inhuman and is experimented on. Really it could be any number of things.


I am pretty confident with this since Marvel so far has not introduced something big and just let it slip away. With a return of Leviathan, we get a new super secret organization that arguably is better than Hydra. If you want to find out more about Leviathan, you can check out my Agent Carter breakdown.

The rest of the trailer is filled with things that we already have seen in someway already. Hulk fighting Iron Man in his Hulk Buster armor, Andy Serkis potentially as Klaw, Captain America throwing down with Ultron or one of his drones, and a fleet of drones coming out of the water. While we didn’t get too much new material too work with, this trailer has expanded upon a lot of things we have already seen. Seemingly clarifying, confirming, or contradicting past thoughts.

What we still need to see is our first look at the Vision. My guess is we won’t see Vision until the last trailer before Age of Ultron. That is if we even get a new trailer. Not only that but it will probably be some scene of him on table and then having his eyes snap open. Oh well, all we have to do now is wait.

Age of Ultron May 1st, 2015

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  1. David Thomsen
    January 13, 2015

    I have a question: do you have a guess as to who the character is at 54 seconds with the pistol? Is that mayhaps the punisher?

    • Anonymous
      January 29, 2015

      It’s been pretty much confirmed that it is Ulysses Klaw. A villain of Black Panther. This also aligns with rumors about the introduction Wakanda.


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