Star Wars VII Rumor Roundup

Star Wars VII Rumor Roundup

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If you haven’t seen it yet, then stop whatever you are doing invite those around you to gather around to watch the first Star War VII: The Force Awakens trailer. Now, watch it again just because. Done? Watch it a third time just to catch up. Okay so I don’t know about you but I startled pretty much everyone around me when I started to giggle like a hyperactive child because that is what this trailer reduced me to. It looked fantastic and too be honest that Millenium Falcon shot was all I really needed in life.

This trailer is our first full official glimpse into J.J. Abrams vision for the next chapter in a galaxy far, far away. The secrecy surrounding the production of Star Wars VII has been so iron clad that anything short of aerial photos taken by an accidental flyover is the most we got. Otherwise we have simply been getting vague photos and tidbits of information from J.J. Abrams. Even though we got a decent look from this trailer, we are left with even more questions.

Now before I get into my own hopes, dreams, and theories lets delve into the most popular theory so far. I have a more complete breakdown of a supposedly confirmed script rumor over at The Disney Blog. However, I will give you the highlights here. One more note, Oscar Isaac has come out and said that apparently he hasn’t heard any rumors that are close to the actual story. While possible, I would be surprised if these were completely off base:



  • Daisy Ridley and John Boyega are going to be the two main protagonists of the film
  • Daisy is a scavenger on the sands of Tatooine who rescues John’s storm trooper character after he crash lands
  • One or both of them will discover that they are Jedi
  • They discover something (potentially a severed hand holding a lightsaber) that they take to Daisy’s mentor/boss, Max Von Sidow
  • Max is a cyborg that has been around since the clone wars and could possibly have fought on the side of empire
    • Max may also have some connection to the Sith, possibly being an Inquisitor or Jedi Hunter
  • Max sends Daisy and John to someone who may know more
  • This somehow lead them to Han and Chewie
    • Whether or not hey were the original destination is unclear
  • Han reveals that Luke has been in exile nearly since the Death Star was destroyed the second time
  • They go on a journey to find him
  • It is revealed that Luke has unleashed some kind of force power that could alter the course of the galaxy
    • He is worried he will give in to the dark side
    • He has gone crazy and wild due to his self-imposed exile
  • The final battle will see our new heroes face off against new villains, very likely the Inquisitors and a new Sith Lord
  • Luke will join in the battle and by the end we will know whether he is good or evil

That right there is the largely rumored plot. A series of events that seems to quite naturally tie in old and new characters. Now the trailer for the most part doesn’t confirm any of this. It does seem to confirm how Daisy and John will meet up and that Han and Chewie are on Tatooine. Beyond that, nothing else really has enough information to confirm much.


Now the big thing that caused a lot of fans to question J.J. Abrams vision is the new Sith lightsaber. The internet instantly latched onto this detail and a slew of parodies began. It really divided the fans down the middle about whether or not having a lightsaber cross-guard is functionally effective. Most worry that the Sith might cut of his hand or that it’s usefulness is infinitesimally small. Bantha Fodder to that I say! I thought this was a really cool design and is actually much more telling than you might think.

First, we are talking about a fictional weapon that can cut through nearly anything with little resistance. It’s a miracle that most padawan’s don’t dismember themselves on their first use since the tiniest nick would over no pressure and no resistance. So from this we know that any lightsaber requires training to use. This lightsaber would be no different and if Jedi and Sith can learn to wield two of these death blades at once, they can avoid the cross-guards. Not to mention that having a smaller lightsaber attached is not unheard of in the extended universe. Many Jedi and Sith throughout this universe have used a similar attachment to aid in battle.


Some naysayers might say that Disney has gone on record to say that they do not count the expanded universe material as canon. Well lets look at the facts presented by the films then. The Sith are gone. The closest we get at this point are the Inquisitors (think of them as force empowered servants of Sith), who are in hiding at this point. So here we have a new force user who has no one to turn to for training. Maybe he comes across an older lightsaber (more on that later) or he puts his own together. Not having any proper training he creates what he imagines a sword to be. Complete with cross-guard and everything. Even looking at the blade, it seems to not be as clean as a regular lightsaber. In the extended universe it is known that Sith generally prefer a different type of crystal for their lightsabers. A synthetic one that offers more power but less focus. Maybe this Sith-to-be finds a crystal, puts the saber together, and uses the cross-guard to divert excess energy.

Earlier I said he might come across an older lightsaber. Well, since the title is The Force Awakens what if he stumbles upon an old Sith tomb of sorts? The Jedi and Sith have been around for awhile so it wouldn’t be too unusual to have ancient tombs. Not to mention that in the expanded universe, there is one Sith is asleep in a tomb only to be awoken. Arden Lyn is that Sith. I think the whole idea of a “mummy” Sith is a little far fetched. Having an old Sith tomb is a little more believable. This would also give our new villain a starting point for his new belief, worldview, religion, or whatever it’s supposed to be called.


The last thing I want to talk about is Luke’s new found power. Supposedly, he unleashes a new force power that forces him to exile himself. In the expanded universe there is this power called “Oneness“. Basically, the force user becomes a physical representation of the force. Think Super Saiyan for Jedi. This could very easily be adapted some how into the film. Luke unlocks a new power that allows him reach whole new levels of powers, ones that could affect the whole galaxy.

Again, none of the expanded universe is going to be considered canon. I think this is a smart move by Disney since it narrows a very, very large pool of content. However if they were smart they would still pool from it. By denying the expanded universe it allows them to draw inspiration from it instead of adapting stories. All in all I have no idea what to expect. Everything I know is based on rumors and leaks. It could all change or it could be similar to my ideas. Whatever happens, I’m excited to see the return of a galaxy far, far, away.


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