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Don Collier (Brad Pitt) is a WWII tank commander who is dedicated to bringing his crew home. Boyd “Bible” Swan (Shia Lebeouf), Norman “Machine” Ellison (Logan Lehrman), Trini “Gordo” (Michael Peña), and Grady “Coon-Ass” Travis (Jon Bernthal) are Don’s crew and they are tasked with stopping a Nazi force from joining one of the most pivotal battles in the war.

Fury was written and directed by David Ayer (Training Day, End of Watch) has truly create a war masterpiece. To start off, when I walked out of this film I had the incredible urge to write a paper on the directorial and cinematography choices made in this film. Don’t worry I will restrict my review to a reasonable length. Nonetheless, what stood out the most about how much David Ayer was able to pack into his film. Filled with themes and metaphors that would take an academic level of analysis to unpack.


Beyond that, it was a very well directed shot. Too often these days directors forget that they completely control the medium. David Ayer uses the camera and the fact that we as the audience have to view it from whatever perspective he chooses to add a layer of emotion that wouldn’t otherwise be achieved. Another director who does a great job of utilizing the camera is Edgar Wright, the writer and director of Shaun of the Dead, Hot Fuzz, The World’s End. This video does an excellent job of going into detail about this concept. Everything that Wright does Ayer accomplishes in a dramatic setting.


What was also surprising to me was the quality of the performances within the film. I expected a great performance from Brad Pitt and Logan Lehrman, who I might add is on my stars to watch list. However, the other actors while definitely not unknown I didn’t have the highest expectations for. I was completely blown away by their performances and how well they played off of each other. It honestly seemed as though in preparation for this film they lived inside a tank for a period of time.  Their characters were also quite memorable and separate from each other. From their nicknames which set them apart or their own little idiosyncrasies each character was truly separate from each other.

Brad Pitt;Shia LaBeouf;Logan Lerman;Michael Pena

Lastly, what set this film apart from other war dramas is the fact that it did not glorify either side. Sure, we knew the Nazis were the bad guys and their level of evil was apparent. However, this group of men who are supposed to be the heroes are not much better. They are truly men who have seen the horrors of war and have responded in kind. Men who have been fighting evil and have responded in kind. Ayer and the actors do not shy away from this concept and in fact embrace it. This is what stuck with me the most after I walked out of the theater. That these heroes of war adapted to fit the circumstances.

Fury is a must and the only reason I didn’t give it a perfect score is simply because it didn’t quite blow me away.

My Rating: 9.5/10

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