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Edge Of Tomorrow

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Cage (Tom Cruise) is a solider in the US Army who joined up within the PR division so he could avoid combat.  However, when the last stand of humanity begins he is ordered to go to the front lines to record it.  He attempts to get out of it but in the end he is forced to fight against his will.  In combat he finds himself facing a slightly bigger mimic, the aliens that they are fighting.  This mimic is bigger, badder, and bluer than the others.  When Cage kills it and is drenched in its blood however, he finds himself in a Groundhog Day style loop.  With every time he dies, the day starts over and he gets another chance at survival.  With the help of Rita (Emily Blunt), a war hero who used to have the same ability, and Dr. Carter (Noah Taylor), a physicist who warned that the enemy mimics had this ability, are out to try and kill the mother mimic.

Edge of Tomorrow is first and foremost a fantastic sci-fi film.  If it had to be summarized it would probably be a cross between Alien, Star Troopers, and Groundhog Day.  A weird combination, nonetheless, this film borrows aspects from all of these films.  It does a great job of balancing the inherent repetitive nature of the main plot device while still keeping things new and entertaining.  This was obviously my biggest concern going into the film and I was pleased with how well they handled it.  In fact, they actually use the repetitive nature of the film to their advantage which results in more than a few light-hearted moments that help the audience get past the initial repetition.  The action in the film was well done and they do a great job of not repeating the same scenes over and over again as the film goes on.  You often find out through exposition that Cage and Rita have already gone through this situation multiple times.  Ultimately, if you enjoy sci-fi films, than this one is an excellent addition to your must watch list.  Even if your not a huge fan of sci-fi, it is still a great film that would not be a waste of time.

Now, while this movie did a lot of good things, one of them was not the ending.  I will do my best to make this spoiler free but be warned that there will be a few spoilers in from here on out.  The ending, in my opinion, was ruined twice.  Meaning they had two opportunities to have a great ending and they botched both of them.  The first time around they completely ignore what this whole movie has been about, infinite re-spawns to borrow the video game terminology.  In a situation where there are no stakes, where Cage has an unlimited number of attempts, the film sometimes seems pointless.  However, he eventually loses these powers thus raising the stakes since he know longer has the option to be reckless and is faced with the very real possibility of dying.  You would think the film makers would keep like this since it makes the audience more invested in the film since the main character now has to be careful of paying the ultimate price.  However, in the end, in a “twist” ending he regains these power so that the day will start over and he gets to be with Rita, who he has fallen in love with (did I forget to mention that whole subplot?).  Instead of killing the main character making this whole adventure mean something, the director decides to just bring him back so we as the audience can have a happy ending.

Looking past this ending, they had the opportunity to redeem themselves slightly by making the last few moments incredibly romantic.  After Cage wakes up for the last time, he of course immediately goes to Rita to supposedly confess his love in someway.  The last scene shows Cage approaching Rita who questions him. as to why he is interrupting her training.  His response is to shrug and nervously chuckle at the whole situation before the credits roll.  On the surface this isn’t a bad ending.  However, when you take into account that earlier in the film when Cage is trying to get Rita to open up and we see their love slowly growing, she confides in him her middle name.  All the director would’ve had to do is have Cage walk up and say “Hey Rose” or even just Rose.  It would have tied the film together more completely and would have made a very sweet ending.  Instead, the instead decides to just kind of end.

All in all, despite the ending Edge of Tomorrow is still a great addition to the sci-fi genre.  It’s funny, action-packed, dramatic, and romantic.  If you haven’t seen it yet I highly suggest it.

My Rating (With a different ending): 8.5

My Rating (With the current ending): 7

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  1. Jeremy
    July 28, 2014

    Hey, just saw this yesterday. I was skeptical at first because I thought it was going to be a lot like Elysium with the suit and didn’t know how the whole “respawning” thing would work out to be believable. But they did a good job making everything work together and I actually enjoyed it. I agree they made the repetition of the scenes funny and not overdone. MAGGOT, MAGGOT, MAGGOT haha. The think I didn’t like about this movie, wasn’t the ending, but was the whole overplayed kill the alien mothership and you wipe out the whole race. This has been done in WAY too many movies and needs to be stopped. But besides that I liked it, I thought the chuckle ending was great and I’m usually a sucker for unhappy endings but I think they summed this movie up well.

    I give it an 8/10. The fighting scenes and graphics are underrated in my opinion and the casting was great. But the “Independence Day” plot needs to stop 🙂

    • orrestap
      September 18, 2014

      I totally understand that feeling. The whole hive mind thing is overplayed but I feel like it is used so not too much time has to be used on the villains. If they all are apart of the hive mind, they don’t have to have that much of a personality.


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