5 Reasons Big Hero 6 is Going to be Great

5 Reasons Big Hero 6 is Going to be Great

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Big Hero 6 is the next film coming out from Disney following their global storm of a movie, Frozen.  Before it premieres this coming November, there are a few reasons you should be excited about it.

Big Cast:  As with any Disney film, the voice cast is sure to be spectacular.  Big Hero 6 however, is on the verge of having a truly phenomenal cast.  With only three cast members announced as of yet, there are sure to be a few pleasant surprises headed our way.  Maya Rudolph is currently the biggest and most recognizable star.  With more than a little voice acting experience under her belt combined with her comedy chops, she could very easily end up stealing the show.  With Jamie Chung and T.J. Miller joining Maya, this cast selection is definitely headed in the right direction.

Note:  The full cast has finally been announced!  Along with the above cast, Alan Tudyk (Firefly), Genesis Rodriguez (Man on a Ledge), Damon Wayans Jr. (New Girl), and Daniel Henney (Occult).  With these actors just representing the core group, this cast is shaping up to be big indeed.

Big Cooperation:  If you search for Big Hero 6, you’ll most likely come across two separate properties.  One is the movie whose trailer is above, and one is a comic book published by Marvel.  That’s right, the next superhero film to hit theaters after Guardians of the Galaxy  is coming from a joint venture between Disney and Marvel.  Obviously, the film is not a direct adaptation.  Instead, Disney seems to be focusing on the idea of a boy and his robot and placing it at center stage.  If this film is done well, it could very well open the door to many other more obscure superhero films to appear on the big screen, both in animation and live action.

Big Heroes:  The hero team that this film is based on is quite a robust group of characters.  With Hiro, the boy genius who we see in the trailer, builds his robot Baymax, which actually transforms into a dragon.  Agent Honey Lemon, who invents the Power Purse which has the ability to summon any item she wishes.  GoGo Tomago, who has the ability to turn into a living entity of fire.  The Silver Samurai, who is exactly what he sounds like and who also had a version of himself appear in The Wolverine.  Sunfire, who rounds out this team and acts as its leader initially but eventually passes the role to Hiro.  This is only the founding members and with characters still unconfirmed, Disney can pick and choose the best heroes to make the best film possible.

Big Action:  Superhero films are known for their incredible action sequences.  With the potential list of characters for this film, the possibilities for action are limitless.  If you need any help imagining what it could like, just read the point before this one.

Big Animation:  With every new animated film, the animation gets just a little bit better.  When looking at this one simple, short trailer, it is already easy to tell that Big Hero 6 will be no different.  Notice the supreme level of detail, smooth look, and even the lighting and focus of the scene looks superb.  Simply pause the trailer at any point and take in the entire scene.  Look at how all the different elements of the scene are so well done individually so that when brought together, they form an even better whole.

I’ll see you in the theater.

Big Hero 6 hits theaters November 7, 2015

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